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  • Datong Township Atayal Aborigine Museum





The Yilan family of museums is a microcosm of the nature, culture, and industries found in Yilan today. Yilan has a great deal of experience in rebuilding the overall community and, in 2001, several local museums jointly established the Yilan Museum Family Association (a.k.a. Yilan Museum Family), employing the term “family” in its name to convey the idea of an Yilan community of museums to serve as windows through which to learn about the county’s diversified culture.

Lanyang Museum’s mission is multifaceted. In addition to being charged with preserving, studying, and exhibiting cultural items as well as educating the public, it is also responsible for advancing the work of Yilan’s museums with museum policy plans to enhance the quality of local culture museums. Starting in 2018, the new website highlights the strategy of the Yilan museums to underscore the advantages of living, studying, and traveling in Yilan. It is used to enhance the quality of the museums themselves and reach a consensus among them, while creating an atmosphere conducive to experiencing local culture. In an era characterized by highly commercialized and competitive travel and tourism, the Yilan Museum Family, with its dozens of members, is charged with a mission to teach more about culture in such venues as school museums, museums of nature, museums of history, theater museums, leisure farms, and tourism factories that dot the Yilan plain.

Our collective experience tells us that sometimes the best way to store museum objects is not inside some musty storeroom. Using them to link local celebrations, life, and culture is much more organic and sustainable. In other words, the more robust the Yilan family of museums is the richer the experience they can offer.

Now, let’s get to know the Yilan family of museums.